How do you survive a refi slump?

by Ryan Smith16 Aug 2017 Most Read The Many Ways to Be Relieved of Your Timeshare ObligationsWhile it is true that a timeshare contract is a binding legal document, it is often mistakenly thought that such a contract cannot only be cancelled. In fact, most timeshare companies maintain that their contracts are non – cancellable. …

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Wells Fargo has already admitted to charging people for overdrawing bank accounts that they didn’t have and for car insurance that they didn’t need. Now, it’s being accused of ripping off vulnerable mom-and-pop businesses. For several years, Wells Fargo’s merchant services division overcharged small businesses for processing credit card transactions, a lawsuit alleges. Business owners who …

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Citigroup to Pay $130 Million to End Libor Rigging Lawsuit in U.S.

With an aim to move past the litigation issues, Citigroup Inc. C agreed to resolve a private U.S. antitrust lawsuit that accused it of rigging London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR). The company will be paying $130 million to settle the case, without admitting any wrongdoing. This news was reported by Reuters.  

The power of customer intelligence

by Ryan Smith09 Aug 2017 Most Read Straight Up with Jocelyn Predovich: The Truth about FHA 203k LoansThe FHA 203k loan program provides home buyers the opportunity to buy and fix up a property, without exhausting their personal savings. Eight Habits & Traits of Successful Mortgage Originators The bane of the mortgage industry is the …

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