Affordable housing is a passion for Mountain West exec

When It comes to affordable housing, Tonya Todd is an expert.

“I do have a passion for helping first-time homebuyers get into a home,” Todd said. “That’s what affordable housing specializes in – helping someone (get into a home) who has the means to make the mortgage payment – but may not have the means for the down payment – and is qualified for the mortgage itself and is deserving of the home.”

The senior vice president for strategic products at Mountain West Financial, Todd oversees the company’s participation and involvement in down-payment assistance programs. She also works with nonprofit organizations and housing finance agencies to develop lending products for their constituents. She also maintains operational responsibility for the implementation, administration and maintenance of those programs.

Todd has been working in the affordable-housing side of the mortgage industry since 2003, when she worked at Countrywide. She’s also an alum of the MPA 2016 Elite Women list.

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