Startup launches new real estate platform

The platform aims to make the home buying process more transparent.

“Ever wonder if your broker is truly advocating for you? Did they share the counter offer? How many bids did you really get?” the pitch for ShelterZoom, a real estate platform by a startup of the same name, reads. “This Startup is making the entire process easier, transparent and faster using an encrypted technology that tracks the entire ecosystem of the buying and selling process.”

On Thursday, the company officially launched ShelterZoom, which claims to reduce paperwork and provide openness to the home buying process.

“As the online shopping market has matured, consumers have become increasingly willing to purchase high-value items online, and real estate is no exception,” Amir Allen Alishahi, Co-founder and Director of ShelterZoom, said. “As such, migrating a greater number of real estate offers to the online realm is a logical and natural next step. ShelterZoom’s state-of-the-art, highly secure transaction platform will not only facilitate and speed this online migration, it will also offer a competitive advantage to real estate firms and professionals who seek to expand their market horizons and need greater speed, accuracy and transparency in the process.”

According to the company: “ShelterZoom’s Offer NOW website widget and mobile app are built using Ethereum, a distributed public blockchain network, to provide a fast, simple and standardized offer process that reduces paperwork while remaining auditable and highly secure. The ShelterZoom offer widget can be installed on any real estate website, and the app enables real estate shoppers to submit a secure offer on a property with just a few screen taps.”

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