What’s in a name? Apparently a valuable home

by Anna Sobrevinas

Parents, listen up – name your future children Stuart, Alison, Peter or even Anne.

These are some of the names of owners of the most valuable homes nationwide, with ‘Stuart’ in the lead with a median home value of $334,022, according to a new research analysis by Zillow.

Alison follows closely with a median home value of $332,403 and Peter with $325,126.

Anne, with a median home value of $309,491, is one of the most common names of owners of the most valuable homes, and they dominate the West Coast. Annes in California have a median home value of $669,946; in Oregon, $387,160; and in Washington; $435,308.

As for the most popular homeowner names, Guadalupes dominate Arizona, Melvins reign over Maryland and Willies are popular in Alabama, Louisiana and Georgia.

“This analysis reveals a lot of interesting — and fun — differences between homeowner names and the relative popularity of less common or non-traditional homeowner names from region to region,” said Zillow Chief Economist Svenja Gudell. “U.S. homeowners are an incredibly diverse bunch, with a variety of names reflective of many cultural and familial backgrounds.”

Here are the top ten names of owners of the most valuable names and their corresponding median home values:

Who?                                           How much?

  1. Stuart                                   $334,022
  2. Alison                                   $332,403
  3. Peter                                    $325,126
  4. Alexandria                             $324,779
  5. Geoffrey                                $322,272
  6. Marc                                     $321,216
  7. Salvatore                               $316,151
  8. Anne                                     $309,491
  9. Marina                                   $309,041
  10. Ian                                        $307,179

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