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Securitization audit is an audit on the securitization of the mortgage loan into pools or portfolio of loans. Securitization audit involves tracking down the trust whom owns the note and related areas of ownership. Securitization audit also review the chain of title and also related to the loan and how it was maneuvered to the trust as it relates to the possible illegal acts or fraud related in the process. Securitization audit also have to do with actually identifying which pool the loan actually belongs in. Securitization audit is fast becoming very popular and may be the next financial trend.

Securitization audit is a process which involves searching specific databases which indicate that a specific consumer loan has been securitized. This is the initial step. After this initial step and discovery phase, the securitization audit looks deeper into the securitization of the mortgage loan to ensure that the securitization of the mortgage loan was done lawfully and legally. This is due to the fact that the securitization of mortgages follow certain laws and regulations. If the mortgage loan has been securitized, the securitization itself should be in a legal and lawful way. A common error with securitization is the fact that the specific note and the specific deed of the property are in seperate places. What this means for homeowners is that the foreclosure process itself may not be lawful and legal since the actuall securitization of the mortgage loan has errors or may be illegal considering the specific case of the mortgage loan. This is why securitization audit is important to the mortgage loan audit itself. Adding a securitization audit to any other forensic audits or mortgage audits is a good way to add an extra layer of auditing, which also may help the homeowner if the case is ever brought to any formal or informal legal proceedings.

The actual signings of trust related documents also give way for further fraudulent acts commited by the lending banks, whether indirect or not. This is related to robo signings. A securitization audit should also investigate such areas as fraudulent signing of documents.

Furthermore, banks were convering the mortgage loans which were collateral loans using the home properties as collateral. These loans were being securitized and converted into packages of stocks and bonds and sold on the secondary market to potential investors.

In summary, securitization is the process of packaging pools(multiple loans) together and sold to investors. The process by which it was securitized may be fraudulent. The first initial steps to a securitization audit is to determine who is the note holder and trust related information. Other steps relating to securitization audit include locating and finding which mortgage pool or bundle the loan is located in, determining if the securitization was legal and more.

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