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Client Testimonials

The following are actual testimonials written by clients who have benefited from our mortgage reports and service packages. Each testimonial can be verified. The names have been altered to protect the clients confidentiality. http://www.securitizationauditpro.com

Testimonial # 1

Just sharing about my home here in Hawaii. Our very first home. We purchased our home in 2008. It was a exciting time for me & my husband at the age of 50 & finally being a homeowner! .. Some where in 2010, the economy wasnt going so well. My husband lost his 2nd job. We both still had our primary job til somewhere towards the mid year his company started cutting back on hours. We were struggling to stay on top of our mortgage. I had to do something & a friend of mine advised me to try applying for a loan modification. I did. There were alot of promises. I was told I had to be behind on my mortgage for at least 3 mos. I thought at first it didn’t sound right? But they assured me that I was fine & not to worry. The next 2 years I was being denied over & over. They sent me to legal aids & guaranteed that I just need it done professionally. But still, it was rejected! Then, legal aid turned around wanting to do a short sale on my house. I was totally upset. By his time, i realized I wasnt the only one going through this. I finally gave up trying & my house was totally on it’s way to being foreclosed. I tried hiring attorneys and they were asking for too much. I was scam several times by companies that had promises to help homeowners on foreclosures. I finally really totally gave up. Out of the blue they finally approved! By then, I was mad for the ordeal they put me through.

I started hearing a lot of bad reports. I was ready to fight back I just knew I was a victim of fraud. So, I rejected the loan. It was a temporary one anyways & not so good. I was then summon to court for forclosure. So i answered the summoned & since then I’ve been scheduled for pretrial but plaintive have been extending every 6 months. It’s been an ongoing every 6 months thing. With all the bad news going around, I started believing fraud was involved. I been wanting to do a mortgage Audit. But it is so expensive! In 2018 of April, a Motion Judgment was filed by the plaintive it included a affidavit as evidence that the lenders do have the original note & have the legal right to foreclosed on property. I was so fortunate & bless to have been led to your company & connected to Shaun. He was able to help me with a Mortgage Audit showing that my suspicion was true. The price was affordable & very professional. I answered the summon before the hearing. When I showed up alot of attorneys was there just staring at me. I was told the plaintive cancelled the motion. I havent done anything yet. This is their final request for extention. They will have to show up on scheduled Pretrial. The 6 months ends in September 2019. I’m believing in God for a winning result! Thank you Securitization Audit Pro; Shaun for your help. God bless.

Shery M.

Testimonial # 2

Thank you hardly seems adequate to express how much I appreciate your service and product. The securitization report you and your firm provided was a tremendous value and marks the key turning point of my foreclosure battle. The foreclosure case was dragging along, as they typically do here in Florida. The lender was playing hardball, expecting me to cave to their bully tactics. But suddenly, things changed. I presented your report to my attorney (he was blown away and immediately scheduled a meeting with me to discuss). That was the most productive meeting we had during the entire case. We discussed the evidence and legal issues which presented themselves in the report. Finally, a new strategy was born; turn the tables on the banks! Armed with facts and prima facia evidence, our summary judgement was cancelled. And the bank made “one final offer, never to be available again” to settle via deed in lieu of foreclosure.Boy was I scared! My family, friends and attornies (now the senior partner at my lawyer’s firm was involved) advised me to accept the offer. It was a tough decision, one I could not have made without your report in-hand. My response? No thanks, “…I will continue to fight for justice in court.” Shortly thereafter my note was sold, foreclosure case was dropped and a very reasonable settlement was negotiated with the new holder. Today, my credit is restored. I’m living happily in a new home and am free of the stress, frustrations and worry of being in foreclosure. Again, please accept my sincerest gratitude and appreciation for your service and extremely valuable product.

Roger L.

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