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Securitization Audit Solutions, LLC will match or beat any competitors retail or wholesale pricing on both securitization audits, forensic loan audits, and BB equivalent loan level data.

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Securitization Audit Pro Solutions, LLC is a full service wholesale b2b securitization auditing form specializing in offering high quality securitization audits and forensic loan audits to professionals and b2b clients in the industry. We offer both securitization audits and commercial securitization audits. In addition to credit card, auto loans and student loan securitization audits. Securitization Audit Pro Solutions, LLC will match or beat any competitors retail or wholesale pricing on both securitization audits, forensic loan audits, and more.

With extensive experience in the auditing industry, Securitization Audit Pro Solutions, LLC provides high quality securitization audits to help you and your clients in the process of obtaining a loan modification, loan adjustment, principal reduction, loan investigation, or attempting to gain a home free and clear. 

Securitization Audit Pro Solutions, LLC is here to assist by providing high quality audits to help your case.

Our aim is to help you reach your goals and acheive success.

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The reports are created by a team of professionals with over 20 years experience in the banking industry.

The securitization audit report extended is a 400 + page report which includes the psa.

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NetCast News Segment Securitization Audit Pro LLC

NetCast News Segment Securitization Audit Pro LLC

NetCast News Segment Securitization Audit Pro LLC

Furthermore, banks were convering the mortgage loans which were collateral loans using the home properties as collateral. These loans were being securitized and converted into packages of stocks and bonds and sold on the secondary market to potential investors.

In summary, securitization is the process of packaging pools(multiple loans) together and sold to investors. The process by which it was securitized may be fraudulent. The first initial steps to a securitization audit is to determine who is the note holder and trust related information. Other steps relating to securitization audit include locating and finding which mortgage pool or bundle the loan is located in, determining if the securitization was legal and more.

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Securitization audit reports are comprehensive and concise. View a securitization audit report on our website by clicking on the securitization audit sample link.

Securitization audit reports are comprehensive in many ways. Have you ever read a securitization audit report? Have you ever reviewed a securitization audit report? Some securitization audit reports can be very lengthy. Some have more pages than others. Some of 499 + pages. Make sure to look at the table of contents of the securitization audit report first. Look at the chapters listed and perhaps focus on the information you are looking for first within the securitization audit report. After you have narrowed the chapters in the securitization audit you are looking for or are interested in start taking notes or cliff notes. Then proceed to read the rest of the securitization audit report. You might also just read from the beginning of the securitization audit report. Front to end.

Securitization mortgage auditing is a field that was growing years ago when the foreclosures were hitting and loan modifications were slowly stabilizing. Securitization has been around for some time, yet once it was discovered online and people shared information, you can thank the internet for that. Securitization auditing started to grow immensely. It is interesting to view the securitization audit market and how it has evolved. Securitization audit evolution is an interesting topic.

Securitization auditing is a process which audits loans related to home properties. The result is a securitization audit report which has information relating to securitization of the loan. Read a sample securitization auditing report on the site and look through the chapters of the securitization auditing report.

Securitization audit and securitization audit pre-screens are important parts of a securitization audit. Pre screening a file is important because the lookup will let the person know if the loan is securitized or not. Some files are not, thus a pre-screen should be completed on mortgage loans, to see if it qualifies for a securitization audit.

Securitization audit and securitization audit pre-screens are important parts of a securitization audit. Pre screening a file is important because the lookup will let the person know if the loan is securitized or not. Some files are not, thus a pre-screen should be completed on mortgage loans, to see if it qualifies for a securitization audit.

Interesting to note is how moving forward the banks will view securitization, securitization reports and the securitization industry.

Some other points to consider. Securitization audits are different from forensic loan audit reports. Securitization audits audit the transfer aspects of the loan into trusts or securitization trusts. A forensic loan audit focuses more on tila, respa and closing document auditing/review type report. Securitization audits looks at mers, the note, securitization trust, etc. There are some of the differences between securitization audits and forensic loan audits.

Securitization audits are also used in some international markets. Securitization has occurred in other countries believe it or not. Securitization has occurred on mortgage loans in places such as Ireland and other European countries. Not only in the U.S. This is an interesting fact. Thus one could say that securitization audits are an international matter. Interesting as such is, it is important to obtain a securitization audit to find out what is going on with the loan.

Securitization audits can be used all over the country for the most part. Securitization audits search for the securitization trust issues with a loan possibly being sold into a trust in pools or bundles of loans. Securitization has also occurred in other parts of the world.

Securitization looking at it from different lenses. How do you approach securitization, securitization process and securitization audit process. The lenses in which they are viewed is interesting. How do you approach a file with securitization issues. Well you look at the indicators. You look at certain indicators on the note, the mortgage, the assignments, etc. Many times, the securitization trust in which the loan was or is placed into is revealed on the assignment of mortgage document. Thus you have to review the documents, use specific software and use your experience when looking at a file for possible securitization. This is called securitization auditing. The result of this can be a securitization audit report if one desires to order one. Again, looking through the lens of an investigator looking at the mortgage docs for securitization issues and possible securitization of the loan/mortgage. Securitization audit report could be the end result if it is ordered.

Securitization tools are tools that are used to help a securitization auditor. Securitization auditors use software, and programs such as Microsoft word to write up and adjust securitization audit reports. Also, the securitization audit reports come in pdf as well. The formats should be noted, that is the formats of the securitization audit reports. Securitization audit reports come in different formats thus it is important to note this.


Securitization was booming during the refinance boom of the 2000 year era. Lets take a step back into recent history, well from the date of this writing. Loans were being written left and right and homeowner all over the country were refinancing their mortgages, pulling cash out of their equity. It was a glorious time to be a mortgage broker, loan officer , loan processor or some job related to the mortgage industry. A good % of mortgage brokers became rich and many were making great money. Also many loan officers were bringing in the funds home as well. Many new broker or mortgage broker shops were also being opened. The stated loans were opening the doors for many to obtain loans/financing for homes or home ownership, also for rental properties in some examples. How was all this possible? Well securitization was going on the backend and a good percentage of these loans were being bundled up and sold off on wall street. Higher financial related area here. This is to sum it up a bit. You should look into it more, as many loans were securitized, but not all. Interesting topic.Securitization auditing integration is attention prone. Integration meaning what? Well integration in the legal system or integration with the quiet titles and or wrongful foreclosure actions taken by homeowners, lawyers, attorneys, paralegals, etc. Integration of the securitization audit content within the report with the legal content is attention prone and is important. There have been many quiet title action cases and wrongful foreclosure cases in the foreclosure area. Thus securitization audits integration in the legal arena is an important aspect to consider. Securitization from the banks perspective is an interesting perspective. How does the banks or bank executives view securitization? Well, at one point they were probably viewed as very profitable, a business idea and such. When the foreclosure crisis hit and thousands of foreclosures were being processed, what resulted was many lawsuits that followed. Lawsuits which a percentage was using securitization audit reports. The view or perspective of the banks of securitization probably changed after the securitization audit report industry grew and grew.

Securitization moving forward is an interesting industry to look at. Their are many small firms operating locally in there respective regions and such. Some firms are national. Some securitization auditing firms are wholesale while others are retail. Securitization Audit Pro, LLC is a wholesale priced securitization audit firm or company. This company offers securitization audits at wholesale prices which are huge savings. Securitization audit pro wholesale and national business model is one of the leading companies in the industry. Find out more about securitization audits by browsing the website and looking through the samples. Securitization articles and segments are information regarding securitization audits. Securitization articles on this site aim to be posted on the site. One should read as much as they possibly can on securitization audits and securitization auditing since education is important. Educating oneself is very important in today’s information age. Reading and educating themselves is important in the securitization audit arena or securitization market. Also you can email questions to the company and an effort will be made to answer your question about securitization audits or securitization audit reports. Securitization should be seen as a tool. A tool of a report, a report in the form of a securitization audit report. The tool is the report itself. The tool is the content in the securitization audit report. The securitization audit report should be used as a tool for various aspects of negotiation or court use. Thus obtain a securitization audit as a tool.
Securitization is a topic professionals speak about. Professionals in the industry, professionals that work or are work related somehow in the industry. Professionals speak but securitization audits and talk about it, gossip? I wouldn’t’ call it gossip, more along the lines of professional talk. Or can you say, he grapevine? Well professionals speak on the securitization audit industry and this of course is a good thing.

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Securitization audit and securitization audits have been used over the past few years for different reasons. Some homeowners and clients have utilized securitization audits for negotiating with the bank. Others have used them for court purposes. Securitization audits have become widely used and ordered. The securitization audit industry is a wide market. Consider obtaining a securitization audit for uncovering what is going on with the loan in question. Securitization audits trace certain aspects related to the loan. Securitization audit samples can also be viewed on this website. Please click on one of the links above on the right side to view a sample securitization audit today.

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