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Securitization Audit Pro Solutions, LLC has an array of solutions for the dynamic securitization audit services market. Securitization Audit Pro Solutions, LLC offers both securitization audits and forensic loan audits, in addition to commercial securitization audits. The complete securitization audit report covers chronological transaction history, mers report with analysis, process of securitization, securitization trust information, and more.

Securitization Audit Report Includes :

  • Property Characteristics
  • Tax Assessment Information
  • Comparative Sales Report
  • Mortgage Transaction Data
  • How the Loan Fits into the Pool
  • Parties to the Securitization Trust
  • Tracing the Ownership of the Residential Mortgage
  • Chain of Title & Foreclosure Process
  • Complete Professional Diagrams
  • Property Description
  • Transaction History
  • Case Law Citing
  • Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Law
  • Allonge Information
  • Summary of Findings Report
  • Affidavit Certification Upon Request
  • Expert Credible Witness Available
  • Complete Property Profile Report
  • Lien Profile
  • Securitization Analysis
  • Mers Report
  • Chain of Title
  • Robo Signer Audit
  • The Securitization Trust
  • Process of Securitization
  • Cusip Information
  • Remic Analysis
  • Framework Analysis
  • Certificates Issued by the Trust
  • Standing in a Mortgage Default
  • Statement Case & Facts
  • Allonge Cases
  • Dismissed Cases Citing
  • How the parties changed the Foreclosure Process

In addition, there is a summary report attachment which shows the lender/bank the estimated losses they will incur if they foreclose on the property. This will help give the homeowner and added tool to help their case

Download sample securitization audit reports below.

Securitization Audit Report Extended Pro

Sample Securitization Audit Report Extended Pro Version

Securitization Audit Report Extended with

Forensic Loan Audit Report. Hybrid Report.

Sample Securitization Audit & Forensic Audit Report Extended Pro

Securitization Audit Report Extended Pro 2

Sample Securitization Audit Report Extended Pro Version 2

Summary of Findings Report

Summary of Findings Report

Additional Reports

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Forensic Loan Audit Report Overview

Forensic Loan Audits is an audit on the actual violations for the loan documents as they pertain to TILA(Truth In Lending Act), RESPA(Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act), HOEPA (Home Ownership and Equity Protection Act) and Regulation Z, also right of rescission. In addition, the APR and Finance Charges will be reviewed and audited in the report.
  • TILA Violations
  • RESPA Violations
  • HOEPA Violations
  • Regulation Z Violations
  • Comprehensive APR Audit
  • Comprehensive Finance Charges Audit
  • 25 + Page Comprehensive Forensic Loan Audit Report
Here is proof I won my case using your audit, thanks I couldn’t have moved forward without your help or audit.” Thanks Again AJ Exeter

The Securitization Audit Pro Solutions, LLC Difference

Securitization Audit Pro Solutions, LLC strives to deliver high quality securitization audits at competitive prices to help you and your clients. Your business is crucially important, and we strive to deliver comprehensive, high quality audits to assist you in your business. Each securitization audit comes with a professional analysis outlining securitization fraud as it relates to the mortgage documents, allowing you to take the role of advisor to your clients and show them any legal recourse they may have according to the findings. In addition, a complete property summary including lien report is also included in the audit showing the transaction history of the property and transfers of mortgages on the property. Give us the opportunity to help you and your clients take back charge against these fraudulent mortgage loans. The securitization audit report will help clients pursuing a loan modification, short sale, legal action, loan adjustment, principal reduction and obtaining a house free and clear. Allow us to help you, help your clients today and gain a competitive edge in the loan investigation services market. Wholesale & retail rates start at $299 per audit file. The audit reports can be private labeled with your own company logo. Simply provide your company logo and it will placed on the report free of charge. Please call or email for a free no obligation consultation. Please click here for convenient pricing sheet.
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