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Data & Amendment Policy

This policy covers the possible rewriting of the mortgage audit/securitization audit if the securitization trust/owner/hidden parties reveal themselves at a later date which would alter the information in the audit.

You have engaged a loan securitization examiner to look over the documents available and write a report based on the “best effort data” available at the time of the audit. Due to changes in data over time, and even possibly “limited” data access for certain loans at the time of the audit, the policy is as follows:

The audit is written up with the “best” & “available” data by the auditor/company at the time.

If the securitization trust or true owner of the loan or an “owner” claiming ownership of the loan reveals itself at a later date, our policy is to re-write the audit . Either free of charge for the write up or a small nominal editing fee. The company will determine whether the fee is complimentary or a small nominal editing fee.

For example, if an audit is written in the year 2016, and (1) one year later the mortgage loan has revealed a different trust or securitization audit. The auditor will re-write the audit based on the new data available on the new documents, etc.

Please contact your representative or the person you obtained the audit from if at any point after your receive the audit, anything changes as to the securitization trust, trust, or ownership/trustee of the loan changes. Anything related to indirectly relating to this , it is highly recommended you contact the person/company who issued you the audit for a re-evaluation of the file.

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