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Securitization Audit

Securitization Auditing is a field in which the documents of the real estate loan are audited and reviewed. The review consists of looking up loan information in a system to understand if the loan has been securitized. The securitization of real estate loans went on a vast scale years ago. The peak years were during the refinance boom. Those were the days of stated-stated loans in which a homeowner or borrowers income was basically stated on the loan application or 1003. The loan application or 1003 was used and someone basically wrote in what the income was. Was the income verified? Was the income checked with the homeowner? Only they know, and such the docs must be reviewed thoroughly. Many loans, mortgage loans were securitized or securitization took place. Thus ordering a securitization audit or securitization audit report is a good idea if a homeowner or borrower suspects their loan has been securitized. Securitization Audit Thank you.

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